What Are Stocks?

What Are Stocks? A stock (or also referred to as equity) is an financial security which represents the ownership of part of a company. This entitles the holder of the stock to a definite percentage of the profits and assets of the company, measured against how much stock they personally own. Usually, units of stock […]

Stock Market – Investing In Stocks

Stock Market – Investing In Stocks Stock is the entire shares in which ownership of a company is divided. In simple English, the stocks are collectively referred to as “stock”. A single share of stock represents fractional ownership in agreed percentage to the total number of outstanding shares. These shares represent rights that the holder […]

Overview Of Crypto Assets

Overview Of Crypto Assets A Cryptocurrency, also called cryptocoin, is a virtual currency where in person coin ownership is documented on a public ledger in a highly secured computerized database. The software used to create the cryptocoin also employs strong encryption to protect transaction details, to govern the generation of new coins, and how the […]

All About Cryptocurrency Wallets

A cryptogram is a graphic representation of an encryption key. A Cryptocurrency, or cryptocoin, is a digital collection of alphanumeric data that is created to function as a medium of anonymous exchange where only public key information is stored in a public ledger that is accessible only to authorized personnel such as accountants and financial […]

Using Trendlines in identifying Trends

Using Trendlines in identifying Trends Trend is the general direction of a given trend, sometimes numbering in the hundreds of percentage points. Synonyms: Abbreviation: Trend denotes the tendency in the numerical data over a long period of time. The trend may be represented graphically by a moving average or line. A general trend toward increasing […]

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