Investing in Cryptocurrencies – Why You Should Think About Investing in the Cryptocurrency Market

A Cryptocurrency is an electronic commodity designed to function as a virtual medium of exchange where personal coin ownership information is kept in a public database in a digital format. This digital public database is known as blockchains. Blockchains can contain multiple ledgers which refer to the public and private transactions that have taken place […]

Types Of Stocks

Types Of Stocks Stock is any of the stocks held by an entity that has become a public company. In American English, all the stocks are collectively referred to as “stock””. Each share of stock represents a fractional ownership in percentage of the whole stock. Shares can be fractions of a whole share or a […]

Names Of Cambodia

How many names of Cambodia have there been? This is a bit of a tough question! Essentially Cambodia is a translation of the actual name of the country (Kampuchea). Also there have at various times been at least two competing countries, with competing names claiming legitimacy. The late King Sihanouk was an extremely interesting character […]

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