Feelings of Love

It may not be a mystery to most people that you can feel love when you are in the presence of someone you find terribly attractive. When you see someone that you find incredibly attractive, you may feel a stammering sensation, sweat, or even stumble when you approach them. These feelings are usually a sign that you are in love, and they are a good indicator that you are. While you might think that love comes from the heart, it is actually all in your head. Your brain is so overwhelmed by love that it makes everything else in your body go haywire.


The Greek word eros, translated “desire,” is a synonym for love. While it is common to find the word in the Bible, it’s rare to find it in the New Testament. This is because the word eros is used only to refer to physical attraction. The Greek and Hebrew terms yada and eros, however, are both used for the opposite kind of love. While eros is usually associated with sexual attraction, it does not apply in the New Testament.

The English language describes love in two ways. Passionate love is an intense, personal attachment to someone. It is accompanied by bodily symptoms of arousal, such as rapid heart rate and shortness of breath. Companionate, on the other hand, is an affectionate feeling that does not include arousal. This type of love is often characterized by a sense of connection, but is not a strong emotion.

A romantic relationship that is based on passion or physical attraction is referred to as erotic love. The focus of erotic love is on intense intimacy and sexual encounters, and is characterised by emotional distance and game-playing. The advocates of erotic love do not commit and feel at ease ending their relationships. In contrast, storge love is considered more mature, and is characterized by shared interests, open affection, and a lack of dependence on others.

Erotic love is focused on physical attraction and enacting sex. While erotic love may be considered youthful, many people experience it as a more mature form of love. For example, it is more likely to be committed than a romantic relationship based on sexual attraction. The advocates of erotic loves are more likely to end relationships that are too short and based on sexual attraction. It is also more mature than erotic love.

When it comes to erotic love, the focus is on physical attraction and enacting sex. These advocates of erotic love do not want to commit to a long-term relationship and are perfectly happy to break up with their partners if the relationship is not satisfying. On the other hand, storge lovers generally seek a more mature version of the same type of love. They are open to one another, trusting, and not overly dependent.