What is a Sick?


Sicks are often the result of being exposed to bacteria. There are a variety of symptoms associated with this illness, such as fever, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell, and chest pain. Symptoms can appear anywhere from two to fourteen days after contact. Hand washing is an important preventative measure against acquiring strep throat. There are also several common synonyms for sicks, including the latest in fashion, technology, and electronics.

While negative sicks are common in everyday speech, positive sicks are rare in informal use. Positive sicks refer to absolute qualities that are beyond the scope of grading adverbs. For example, a sick joke or outfit could be considered positively sick. Nonetheless, the word sick can also mean ‘unbelievably impressive’. If an object is visually impressive and is not working properly, it is probably sick. In both cases, the word is used to describe its quality.