Month: September 2021

All About Cryptocurrency Wallets

A cryptogram is a graphic representation of an encryption key. A Cryptocurrency, or cryptocoin, is a digital collection of alphanumeric data that is created to function as a medium of anonymous exchange where only public key information is stored in a public ledger that is accessible only to authorized personnel such as accountants and financial […]

Using Trendlines in identifying Trends

Using Trendlines in identifying Trends Trend is the general direction of a given trend, sometimes numbering in the hundreds of percentage points. Synonyms: Abbreviation: Trend denotes the tendency in the numerical data over a long period of time. The trend may be represented graphically by a moving average or line. A general trend toward increasing […]

The Uses of Cryptocash Investing

The Uses of Cryptocash Investing Cryptocurrency, or crypto-currency, is a form of money that is designed to operate as a virtual medium of exchange between individuals, companies, and other entities. Unlike conventional money, which can be used in any country, cryptosystems do not have an external border. Rather, every government that issues such money requires […]

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