Stock Markets Are Live! Stock Exchanges and Private Sales

A stock (also called equity) is an obligation or debt owed by a company to its stockholders. These securities are bought from any number of online stock brokers; generally through an internet portal. However, as with other things, online trading has its advantages and disadvantages, as well as the different types of stock available.


When you buy stock through an Internet broker, the trade is settled between the buyer and the seller. The buyer posts a list of stocks they want to purchase, and the seller posts the same list of stocks along with their contact information. They then work out a price for the new stocks and either purchase them or sell them at the pre-set price. Then again, there are advantages to buying and selling this way. Buyers have instant access to new shares, while sellers have to wait for the stock market to update their records before selling their shares.

One of the advantages of trading stock via the Internet is that it’s possible to work with multiple stock exchange sites at once. All one needs to do is pick the one they’re comfortable working with. This allows for quicker transactions, usually in a matter of minutes or less. There is no need to jump through hoops nor worry about waiting for a response from stock exchange servers. In fact, it’s not even necessary to fill out and send in any paper stock orders: the buyer and seller can establish a trade without even knowing if their order was placed on the right stock exchange.

Private sales are an even simpler method of purchasing shares. To set up these transactions, a shareholder will sell their shares of stock to another investor. This differs from public sales in a couple of ways. One of those ways is that a private sale requires that the purchaser provide shares of ownership in the corporation instead of cash. Private sales are also exempt from the statutory reporting requirements of regular public stock exchanges.

Lastly, buying and selling stock on the Internet is extremely convenient. Rather than having to spend time getting to a stock exchange and then driving there to purchase, or wait in line to purchase it, an investor can purchase stock online in a few short minutes. This gives busy executives the ability to get their first looks at their new stocks and allows them to make quick decisions. Buy stock shares from the comfort of your home in the comforts of your own chair: what could be better?

The world of private sales is exciting, fast paced, and offers investors the opportunity to buy low and sell high. These benefits to buying and selling stocks on the Internet are not often available to regular, everyday stock traders. Now, however, anyone can profit from the volatility of the stock markets no matter what their experience is in the stock market. The Internet makes it possible for everyone to become a savvy investor-from beginner investors to veteran investors-with an easy process that doesn’t require any special skills or background.