The Meaning of the Last Name Sicks

The last name Sicks is found in nearly 2,000 different public records. Census records provide information about a person’s daily life, as well as his or her level of education and veteran status. Sicks also appear in 182 immigration records, as well as in 246 military records. These records can give you valuable insights into the family’s journey and the people they knew. Here are just some of the ways you can use census records to trace your ancestors’ past.


If a person is sick, it is likely that they are inclined to vomit. When a person is sick, it is common for them to be prone to vomit. Tom and Mary were aware that their stateroom was occupied by someone prone to sickness. However, when they had eaten, the waiters carried the food to their rooms. This meant that Tom would have to be in the stateroom to fetch his wife, despite his wife’s wishes.

It was impossible to know who the sick person was on board until they had actually met the person. They were unable to communicate with each other, and were unsure of each other’s intentions. They had been in touch with one another through their personal assistants, but there was no way for them to contact them. That made Tom decide to bring his wife back to their room himself, even though he had promised her he would. They would subsequently meet the man who had been working on the ship and decided that it was safe to go.

Sicks, by contrast, mean that you are prone to vomit. The only difference between the two is that the former is a negative word, while the latter is a positive word. Hence, it is a good idea to avoid using the term “sick” for the first time. The second definition of sick is “inclined to vomit.” It is also worth pointing out that Tom had promised to fetch his wife and had told her not to go in the stateroom.

The second meaning of sick is to be prone to vomit. The word sicks is a synonym for ‘inclined to vomit.’ It is a negative word that means to be disposed to vomit. It is a very strong negative adjective. The other meanings of the word sick are: “inclined to vomit.” The word is synonymous with ‘inclined to vomit. The adverb “sicks” and ‘inclined to puke’.

Sicks is a synonym for “inclined to vomit”. It means to be prone to vomit, and is a synonym for “inclined” to vomit.” Similarly, sicks is a negative word. Its meaning is ‘inclined to vomit’. It is a positive word. It evokes the idea of being prone to vomit. While it isn’t a bad adjective, it is a negative word.