Month: October 2021

A Brief Introduction to Dash Cryptocurrency

A Cryptocurrency, like any other traditional monetary unit, is money that is recognized by individuals through a set of laws. It is usually issued through banks and other financial institutions. Unlike money that is normally issued by a government, an “in circulation” Cryptocurrency does not have legal tender status. Cryptocurrency is usually defined as a […]

Stock Ownership – How It Works

Stock is simply all of the outstanding shares in a company that is legally divided up among its stockholders. In simple English, the stocks are collectively referred to as’stock’. Each stockholder has his/her own right to have a vote with regard to issues regarding the company, with the company having the right to approve or […]

Different Types Of Stock Options

Stock is the shares in which ownership of a company is divided into several. In modern English, the words refer to non-voting shares or ‘book’ shares. A single share of stock represents fractional share in fixed ratio to the number of shares existing at the time of issue. The fractional nature of stock provides limited […]

What Is Cryptocurrency Investing?

Crypto Currency is rapidly becoming one of the most popular forms of money in the world today. With an economy based largely on remittances and international banking, this form of money has been a welcome addition to the traditional monetary system. However, there are many people who are still unfamiliar with how it works and […]

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