The Different Meanings of the Word Sick


The Different Meanings of the Word Sick

The word sick describes a person who is ill. A child who is ill should not go to school or to work. People who are ill shouldn’t even visit the office or a restaurant. The word can also describe an object that isn’t working or that’s not very visually appealing. The following examples illustrate the different uses of the word sick. Read on to learn about them. The first definition is the most common one: an individual who has an illness.

Zan is an example of someone who got sick from drinking too much alcohol. When he is unable to make money, he is considered un-American. Eventually, he calls in sick to a Senior G-man. A Senior G-man is someone who works for the government and makes a large amount of money. In the story, Zan is forced to leave the party early because he is ill. The senior government official explains that he has become a hypochondriac.

The Senior G-man tells Zan he is sick from drinking too much booze. But the senior G-man isn’t as honest. The alcoholic’s doctor makes him pretend that he is drunk and pretends to be intoxicated. The Senior G-man is a government official. It’s not his fault he’s drinking too much alcohol. But he’s not the only one who’s getting sick: the other two execs are.

Zan’s problem is his ill-health. He’s been drinking too much booze and now has the flu. This is a typical case of alcohol-related illness. Luckily, the Senior G-man has a good reason to do it. The Senior G-man is the senior government official responsible for the government’s social security program. Besides, he’s probably getting a lot of money from the money he makes.

Unlike his fellow senior employees, Zan is a frequent alcoholic. He doesn’t drink enough water and is constantly suffering from nausea and vomiting. It’s not uncommon for a senior government official to become sick from drinking too much alcohol. However, he has no other reason to be sick than to be intoxicated. It’s not a good idea to give up booze when it’s not the right time.

Zan’s booze addiction is not his only reason for getting sick. He’s also an American. It’s just un-American not to drink all the booze he wants. He’s also a Senior G-man who’s a high-ranking government official. This is why Zan’s drunkenness can be such a big problem. It’s so bad that the Senior G-man’s drinking too much alcohol causes him to get sick.