Day: December 30, 2021

The Dark History of Sicks

The Dark History of Sicks Sicks is a fictional character that appears in a series of Japanese horror films. He appears in disguise as Andrew Sixson and first kills Ai. He then meets Neuro and XI for the first time, and they are confused when they discover that Sicks is actually the same person. However, […]

The Basics of Trends

The Basics of Trends The word trend is a general direction. It can also mean fad or fashion. In the financial world, trend can mean an average change in an output or process. It is also a pattern that repeats itself over time. Many social media users are constantly posting about their favorite items. If […]

Investing in Stocks

Stocks represent the shares of equity in a company and are a great way to invest your money. There are two basic types of stocks: common and preferred. The former is the preferred option when investing in a new company. A common example of a preferred stock is a consumer product. A limited or stop-loss […]

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