The Dark History of Sicks


The Dark History of Sicks

Sicks is a fictional character that appears in a series of Japanese horror films. He appears in disguise as Andrew Sixson and first kills Ai. He then meets Neuro and XI for the first time, and they are confused when they discover that Sicks is actually the same person. However, Sicks does have a history. The main goal of the character is to kill everyone and achieve a life of obscurity.

The main character of the film, Sicks, was once a boy who lived in a city. His father was a weapons maker, and he passed this ambition on to his son. This ancestor of Sicks was a murderer, and he was later killed by his own father. Sicks’ father was the first victim of the New Bloodline. This is an incredibly dark and disturbing character, but one that must be feared.

Sicks’ ancestors were weapon makers, and they sought to develop weapons that were more painful to use. They also passed on their lust for killing. The Sicks have the ultimate evil intention to wipe out humanity. This ultimate evil intention is inherited from their direct ancestor. They have an ancient secret – the only way to find out is to hunt down Sicks’ ancestor, who used his own bloodline to kill.

Sicks have an ancient history of creating weaponry. They were the first to use the sword. Their ancestors also possessed a sword and an axe. As a result, the Sicks’ ancestor was an inventor of these deadly weapons. It is said that he passed on this ambition to his descendent. Because of this, the Sicks have a great desire to wipe out humanity. They are a direct ancestor of Charles Manson, and their DNA matched that of their father.

The Sicks were the first to create weapons. They tried to make their weapons more painful, but they never succeeded. Their ancestor was killed in the process. After he killed his mother and father, the Sicks had a vision of a goat-headed demon, which resembled Baphomet. But despite this, they were a bit weak. But Sicks are the ancestors of a lot of infamous serial killers, so it is likely that they may have been inspired by the real Charles Manson.

The Sicks’ ancestors were weapon makers. They wanted to create weapons that were more painful than a human. This ambition was passed down from generation to generation, and the Sicks have been known to kill for over seventy years. Their ancestors’ ancestors were serial killers who slit the throats of innocent people. Sicks’ descendants have no consciences. They are evil and are determined to eliminate humanity.

Sicks created an altered female clone of himself. The X was then released into society, and Sicks’ female clone, X, became the villain. In the following episode, Sicks kidnapped Sasazuka’s family, and then stole it. Afterwards, the cloned Sicks manipulated and killed her parents. They were the ones who found out about the kidnappings. Sicks then took his father’s family, and threw him from the jet.