What Is Love?

The concept of love is both complex and universal. It can be a personal or impersonal experience. Humans can express their feelings of love for others by volunteering or promoting a cause. Similarly, animal lovers can show their affection for a cause. But what exactly is love? It’s not just a feeling, it is a principle that we all share. In fact, the concept of love can be traced back to the ancient Greeks.


There are many types of love. In the first type, called infatuation, a person experiences intense feelings of attraction without committing to the other. This type of love often begins in the early stages of a relationship and may grow over time. In a relationship characterized by pragma, a person falls deeply in the arms of another. During the process, the two people begin to understand each other and learn to tolerate their differences. In such a relationship, both individuals can remain committed to each other, and the feelings of infatuation can develop into more mature kinds of love.

Infatuation is a type of love that involves intense feelings of attraction but is not necessarily committed. During the early stages of a relationship, infatuation may develop into a deep love later on. Passionate love, on the other hand, is more serious and is characterized by strong feelings of longing. It often entails an idealization of the other person, and a need to stay close. In compassionate love, the other person is committed to each other and trusts the other person.

Erotic love focuses on physical attraction and a desire to have sex. While infatuation often occurs early in a relationship, it can also evolve into a lasting relationship. For example, a person experiencing a romantic relationship may feel passionate for the other person. During this stage, the other person may feel compelled to maintain constant physical contact. In compassionate love, the focus is on the other person’s emotional state and mental state.

Storge love is a more mature form of love. It’s defined as a strong predilection for the object of the other person. It can be a sexual relationship. In both cases, the individual feels a strong sense of attachment to the other person. However, erotic love can be a sign of unhealthy relationships and may even result in a divorce. A good marriage is one that is based on mutual respect.

Infected love, on the other hand, is an emotional attachment to the other person. Usually, it involves intense feelings of attraction that are not yet committed to the other person. It’s rare to make a commitment to the other person. In these cases, it’s more appropriate to seek a longer-term relationship. And in most cases, you should be ready to compromise to be with your partner. But this is not always the case.